The International Research Center for Water, Environment, and Energy (IRCWEE) at Al-Balqa Applied University (BAU) works in accordance to modern approaches for natural resource management that require the integration of social, environmental and economic research within an interdisciplinary framework to handle complexity and uncertainty and the application of different methods of analysis and different techniques.

IRCWEE was established in late 2009 under the umbrella of Al-Balqa Applied University (BAU) to complement the university’s vision in offering and maintaining balance between the high academic standards and applied requirements that it has committed itself to achieve, in addition to draw upon the expertise of faculties in a wide range of their disciplines. The center was founded with a generous contribution from the MDG achievement fund (MDGIF) and UNESCO.

IRCWEE conducts research on a considerable variety of topics e.g., water resources management, soil, environment assessment, nature protection, pollution prevention and control, wastewater treatment, energy efficiency and renewable energy. IRCWEE has many national and international partners collaborate together in seeking different opportunities of mutual work in scientific research, applied projects, academia programs or training and capacity building oriented for stakeholders from public and private sectors. The educational, and training programs are carried out in close cooperation and coordination with the concerned governmental agencies as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) representing the public interest.

Specifically in the field of environment, IRCWEE aims to conduct Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies for expected projects and many of achieved EIA studies will be mentioned afterwards. Moreover, the center provides services in environmental monitoring and awareness and designing of environmental systems. Furthermore, a wide participation is achieved in assigning environmental legislation besides related governmental agencies.