Previous Projects

  1. Coastal Environmental and Socioeconomic Monitoring at Aqaba, Jordan. Funded by the World Bank
  2. Environmental Impact Assessment Study for the Use of Alternative Energy in the Cement Factory Rashadiyathrough the Use of Household Waste, and Processing Oils Waste at Sites Licensed in Addition to the Use of AlzibaranAlternative Fuel in the Cement Industry, and hence Protection of Groundwater from any Potential Seepage Caused by this Waste.
  3. Re-Use of Grey Water within Campus
  4. Monitoring the Ambient Air in FuheistheProject has been embarked since 2006 to 2016. It has been operated through electronically linked monitoring stations. Air monitoring was accomplished via internet and the reports were communicated to Ministry of Environment and Lafarge Cement Jordan.
  5. Possible Institutional Mechanism for Cooperation between Environmental Policy-making Institutions and Research Institutions in the Areas of the Three Rio Conventions.