Current Projects

Sustainability and Tourism in the Mediterranean (S&T MED)

Project manager: Dr. NedalAloran

Sustainability and Tourism in the Mediterranean (S&T MED) is a strategic project(according to ENPI/EU), focusing on the integrated valorisation of environmental assets, traditions and cultural heritage through sustainable tourism ؤoordinated by the Italian Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Heritage andinclude9 Partners in 3 Countries.

The main goal of the project is to promote the concept of “sustainable coastal tourism” in the Mediterranean Sea-Basin through the definition of a destination management approach by means of coordinated local development and networking initiatives.

The importance of the project is in the partnership structure that it creates among three countries which will help in establishing potentials for collaboration (particularly for BAU) as well as the opportunity it creates for knowledge and experience sharing. Moreover, the achievement of quality outputs will certainly open new chances for further collaboration and funding

The Objectives of the project are listed as follows:

  • Building the capacity in the field of coastal zone management
  • Implement marine monitoring and assess the status/impact of tourism on marine environment.
  • Raise awareness among the target groups
  • Contribute to the promotion of the concept of “Sustainable tourism/Ecotourism in coastal areas).
  • Develop activities that contribute to offset negative impacts on marine environment e.g. jetties, diving piers/buoys.

The target groups in the project are :

  • Aqaba Marine Park
  • Marine reserachers
  • Tourism sector/Dept. of tourism at universities
  • Dive centers
  • Tour operators
  • Hotels
  • Fishermen
  • Glass-bottom boaters

The Expected results of the project are:

  • Offshore monitoring system using semi-fixed or floating buoys
  • Inclusion of the pilot areas in an international network of Long-Term environmental monitoring programs
  • Destination Management OrganizationModel
  • Development capacities/Raise awareness

The project and although the challenges at its early stage of implementation 3 years ago, has managed to achieve its key results including the promotion of the “sustainable tourism "concept and the deployment of new monitoring station for marine environment".